Man pages for PeteHaitch/cometh
Analyse, manage and visualise co-methylation data.

betaCorCompute correlations of pairs of beta-values.
comethThe constructor function for CoMeth objects
CoMeth-classAn S4 class to store co-methylation patterns at m-tuples of...
fread.comethylationA faster version of 'read.comethylation'
getCoverage-CoMeth-methodGet the 'coverage' from a 'CoMeth' object.
getPosExtract the genomic positions from an 'MTuples' object.
makeMLSMake a MethylationLociSet for a type of methylation and a...
MethylationLociSetThe constructor function for MethylationLociSet objects.
MTuples-classAn S4 class to represent m-tuples of genomic positions.
read.comethylationParse 'tsv' output files from the Python software...
read.mbiasRead the M-bias.txt file produced from Bismark.
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