Man pages for RGLab/CytoML
A GatingML Interface for Cross Platform Cytometry Data Sharing

addCustomInfoadd customInfo nodes to each gate node and add...
compensate-GatingSet-graphGML-methodcompensate a GatingSet based on the compensation information...
constructTreeReconstruct the population tree from the GateSets
cytobank_to_gatingsetA wrapper that parse the gatingML and FCS files (or...
CytoML.par.getCytoML.par.set sets a set of parameters in the CytoML package...
CytoML.par.initworkspace version is parsed from xml node...
diva_workspace-classdiva_workspace class Inherited from flowjo_workspace-class
extendextend the gate to the minimum and maximum limit of both...
fj_ws_get_keywordsGet Keywords
fj_ws_get_sample_groupsGet a table of sample groups from a flowJo workspace
flowjo_to_gatingsetParse a flowJo Workspace
flowjo_workspace-classAn R representation of a flowJo workspace.
gating-methodsApply the gatingML graph to a GatingSet
GatingSet-methodsconstructors for GatingSet
gatingset_to_cytobankConvert a GatingSet to a Cytobank-compatible gatingML
gatingset_to_flowjoConvert a GatingSet to flowJo workspace
getChildren-graphGML-character-methodget children nodes
getCompensationMatrices.graphGMLExtract compensation from graphGML object.
getFJWSubsetIndicesFetch the indices for a subset of samples in a flowJo...
getGate-graphGML-character-methodget gate from the node
getNodes-graphGML-methodget nodes from graphGML object
getParent-graphGML-character-methodget parent nodes
getSamplesGet a list of samples from a flowJo workspace
getTransformations.graphGMLExtract transformations from graphGML object.
graphGML-classA graph object returned by 'read.gatingML.cytobank' function.
gs_compare_cytobank_countscompare the counts to cytobank's exported csv so that the...
matchPathGiven the leaf node, try to find out if a collection of nodes...
open_cytobank_experimentConstruct cytobank_experiment object from ACS file
open_diva_xmlopen Diva xml workspace
open_flowjo_xmlOpen/Close a flowJo workspace
parse.gateInfoParse the cytobank custom_info for each gate
plot-graphGML-missing-methodplot the population tree stored in graphGML.
range.GatingHierarchythe parameter range from the flow data associated with...
read.gatingML.cytobankParser for gatingML exported by Cytobank
show-graphGML-methodshow method for graphGML
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