Man pages for Roestlab/mstools
OpenSWATH Mass Spectrometry Data Exploration

catOSWruns_Concatenate different run OSW tables into one table
codenameTounimodConversion from modification codename to UniMod ID
d_score_histPlot distribution of d-score
filterOSWdbFilter and OSW db file
filterPQPdbFilter and PQP db file
filterSQMASSdbFilter and sqMass db file
generateUniModMapping_Generate a UniMod mapping table
getChromatogramDataPoints_Extract Chromatographic data (Retention Time and Intensity)...
getModificationPosition_Get Modificiation position from modified sequence. Currently...
getOSWData_Extract data from OpenSwathWorkflow .osw results file
getPepLibData_Extract data from a PQP library file
getRunID_Extract Run ID information from a osw file fiven a run name
getTransitionScores_Extract Transition Information from .osw results file
getXICPlot and Extracted Ion Chromatogram
log_setupLogging system setup
osw_reports_visualizationmstools osw reports visualization environment for various...
pairwise_comparisonPair-Wise Comparison
unimod_mappingA unimod_mapping table
unimodTocodenameConversion from UniMod ID to modification name
XICMasterPlotFcn_Master Plotting function for plotting XIC's
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