Man pages for USCbiostats/LUCid
Latent cluster analysis of integrated data

CoGCovariate Set in the G->X path
CoYCovariate Set in the X->Y path
def_initialDefine initial values of parameters for clustering
def_tolDefine maximum number of iteration and convergence
def_tuneDefine tuning parameters for regularization during...
est_lucidEstimating latent clusters with multi-omics data
G1Genetic Features Set 1
G2Genetic Features Set 2
plot_lucidPlot Sankey diagram for integrative clustering
pred_lucidModel Predictions for LUCid
sem_lucidSEM for latent cluster estimation
summary_lucidSummarize results for integrative clustering
tune_lucidParallel Grid Search for Tuning Parameters in Latent Cluster...
Y1Outcome Set 1
Y2Outcome Set 2
Z1Biomarker Set 1
Z2Biomarker Set 2
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