Man pages for Vincent-AC/wellexplainer
Helper functions for MIC and Checkerboard experiments

abbreviation_to_full_atb_nameReplace antibiotic abbreviations by full name
calculate_CB_OD_growthConvert OD into growth percentage
calculate_MIC_OD_inhibConvert OD into inhibition percentage
CB_clsi_breakpointsDetermine CLSI sensitivity
clsi_breakpointsDetermine CLSI sensitivity
eucast_breakpointsDetermine EUCAST sensitivity
extract_CB_OD_dataExtract data from spectrophotometer output
extract_MIC_OD_dataExtract data from spectrophotometer output
generate_CB_non_OD_reportGenerate a PDF with CB raw results
generate_CB_reportGenerate a PDF with CB raw results
generate_MIC_reportGenerate a PDF with MIC raw results
geomSeriesGeometric series
plot_CB_ODGenerate plots from OD results
plot_MIC_ODGenerate plots from OD results
summary_CB_growthSummarize CB results
summary_MIC_inhibSummarize MIC results
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