Man pages for aertslab/RcisTarget
RcisTarget Identify transcription factor binding motifs enriched on a list of genes or genomic regions

addLogoAdd motif logo to RcisTarget results table
addMotifAnnotationAdd motif annotation
addSignificantGenesAdd significant genes
aucScores-classClass to store the AUC scores for RcisTarget.
calcAUCCalculate AUC
dbRegionsLocGenomic location for the database regions
getDbRegionsLocGets the region location for the given database IDs.
getMotifAnnotationGet motif annotation
importAnnotationsImports the annotations of motifs to transcription factors
importRankingsImport the motif databases for RcisTarget.
motifAnnotationsAnnotations of Motifs to TFs
rankingRcisTarget-classClass to store the motif databases for RcisTarget.
reRankRe-rank RcisTarget ranking
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