Man pages for amcdavid/SingleCellAnalysis
Tools for Analysis of Zero-Inflated, Continuous Data

addEllipseAdd an confidence ellipses or other features to a ggpairs...
annotateBiPlotAdd bi-plot vectors onto a ggpairs scatter plot of... predictions from a LinearClassifier with cData from...
chisq.pairwiseChi-square tests of independence for each pair of genes
doGLMnetEvaluate a glmSingleCellAssay classifier
doLDARun Linear Discriminant Analysis
fitZifNetworkFit Meinhousen-Buhlmann to a SingleCellAssay object
fortify.zifnetworkDerive global properties of network fit
getCoefGet coefficients and standard errors from a zlm fit
getZifNetworkPut coefficients from a set of network regressions into a...
glmSingleCellAssay##Generic for cv.glmnet ## ##Accepts formula arguments ##
layoutZifNetworkTurn an object from fitZifNetwork into a igraph object
oddsratio.pairwiseCalculate pairwise gene odds ratios
pearson.pairwiseCalculate pairwise correlation coefficient
prepClassifierGenerate biplot vectors from a 'LinearClassifier'
singleCellHeatPlot a heatmap of a SingleCellAssay expression matrix
stat_ellipseDraw a confidence ellipse
test.pearson.pairwiseGenerate a matrix of z-statistics comparing two...
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