Man pages for andreasmock/MetaboDiff
An R package for differential metabolomic analysis

calculate_MSCalculate module significance
diff_testPerform comparative analysis using T-Test
diss_matrixConstruct dissimilarity matrix for metabolic correlation...
get_SMPDBannoAnnotation using Small Molecule Pathway Database (SMPDB)
helloHello, World!
identify_modulesIdentification of metabolic correlation modules
knn_imputeImpute metabolomic data by k-nearest neighbour imputation
MOI_plotModule of interest plot
MS_plotModule significance plot
na_heatmapHeatmap to visualize missing metabolites across the samples
name_modulesName metabolic correlation modules
normalize_metNormalize metabolomic data by vsn
outlier_heatmapHeatmap to visualize outliers in the study set
quality_plotQuality plot of processing steps
remove_clusterRemove cluster from metabolomic data
tsne_plottSNE plot
variance_boxplotBoxplot comparing the distribution of variance in metabolic...
volcano_plotVolcano plot of differential analysis
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