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Getting help with R

Sometimes getting help in R is confusing. Here's some things you can try:

bacollite::    # lists availble functions in a pop-out in rstudio
help(foo)      # help about function foo
?foo           # same thing 
apropos("foo") # list all functions containing string foo
example(foo)   # show an example of function foo


Seqeunce Data

Bioarch Mammalian Collagen Dataset

A version of this dataset is available within the package as an R object called bioarch_mammal_sequences. The data set currently holds sequences for

It is based on the sheet [], as at 09:48 on 11 January 2017

Loading other seqeunce data:

Other sequence sets can be loaded via googleshets:

mc_meta <-gs_title("Mammalian Collagen Sequences v0.0.2")
sequences <- gs_read(mc_meta)

Alternatively, the google sheet can be exported as a .csv file to your computer, and then loaded like so:

 bms0.1.2 <- read.table(file="Mammalian Collagen Sequences v0.1.2 - Mammal.csv",sep=",")

See [] for the required format of these sheets

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