Man pages for cavei/houseOfClipUtility
Clip Legacy Functions

averageReplicateMatricesAverage a list of Matrices (cell wise)
computeFreqsCompute frequences from list
computePCsTopological PCA
computePCsWithResamplingCompute PCs.
computeSimPATHyParametersCompute SimPATHy Parameters
convertIdsIds converter
createSignificanceMaskCreate a significance matrix
downloadPathwayRelationFromReactomeDownload Reactome Pathway Relations
estimateCovEstimate Covariance
estimateExprCovEstimate Single Covariance Matrix
filterDirectedFilter direct edges
getPathFathersRetrieves pathways relatives
graph-processingExtract the maximal cliques
id2nameConvert id to pathway name
makeDegreesEvenForse random nodes degress to be even
makePositiveDefiniteMake positive and definite covariance matrix
mapFromDictMap ids using a dict.
mapPathwaysIDfromGraphiteMap Pathways ID from Graphite
mergeGraphitePathwaysMerge graphite Pathways
minOrNAMinimum or NA
plotFrequenciesPlot frequences
plotPathInGraphNELPlot graphNEL with some nodes boerde highlighted
randomExpressionCreate fake expression based on variance
ReactomePathwaysRelationThis is a copy of the file...
removeSelfLoopsRemove self loops from a graphNEL
reverseDictInvert The Dictionary
simulateDataSimulate Survival Data
simulate_expression_datasetSimulate an expression dataset from survival annotation
simulate_methylation_datasetSimulate a methylation dataset with survival annotation
simulate_mutation_datasetSimulate a mutation dataset with survival annotation
subPathwaySubset of a graphite Pathway
summarizeOmicsResByMinPvalueSummarize Omics Covaraites By Min Pvalue
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