export.msfinder.formulas: export MSFinder formula prediction results in tabular format.

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export.msfinder.formulasR Documentation

export MSFinder formula prediction results in tabular format.


After running MSFinder, results have been imported to the ramclustR object. This function exports as a .csv file for ease of viewing.


  ramclustObj = NULL,
  export.all = FALSE,
  output.directory = NULL



R object - the ramclustR object which was used to write the .mat or .msp files


logical: default = FALSE. If TRUE, export all columns, if FALSE, only columns 1: "exactmass"


valid path: default = NULL. If NULL, results are exported to spectra/mat directory.


this function exports a .csv file containing all returned MSFinder molecular formula hypotheses. this file is saved (by default) to the working directory spectra/mat/ directory


an updated ramclustR object, with the RC$ann and RC$ann.conf slots updated to annotated based on output from 1. ramsearch output, 2. msfinder mssearch, 3. msfinder predicted structure, 4. msfinder predicted formula, and 5. interpretMSSpectrum inferred molecular weight, with listed order as priority.


Corey Broeckling


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