Man pages for charliex210/sctools
Tools for single cell RNAseq analysis

alter_labelRe-ordering clusters.
annofactorExtract level of reprogramming cells.
apclusKClustering genes to k clusters using affinity propagation...
aspeccSpectral clustering.
call.backRetrieve genes with high correlation with existing pattern.
cheatmapHeatmap for gene expression pattern.
deDifferential expreesed analysis of two conditions.
FetchGOFetch genes in GO term.
find_orderFind clustering order using TSP algorithm.
glm.enetVariable selction based on elasticnet penalty.
go_enrichGene ontology enrichment analysis of gene clusters.
iforestDetect outliers.
p.corCalculate the p-value of correlation coefficient.
re_orderRe-write clustering labels.
sig.pcsDiscover significant latent variation in data.
sig.varDiscover high discriminant genes in unsupervised manner
snn_cliqSNN-Cliq clustering.
violinPlotViolin plot.
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