API for chedonat/DigitalPicoTools

Global functions
AssignPhasingCode Source code
ComputePhasingCode Man page Source code
ComputePhasingCode_iterative Source code
ComputePhasingCode_recursive Source code
DigitalPicoTools Man page
DigitalPicoTools-package Man page
GetPhasingAssociation Source code
LFRdataframe Man page
LFRdataframe-class Man page
LFRset Man page
LFRset-class Man page
SampleCoverage Man page
SampleCoverage-class Man page
VariantAlleleInfo Man page
VariantAlleleInfo-class Man page
VariantAlleleInfo.summary Source code
WellSample Man page
WellSample-class Man page
alternate_phasingcode Source code
as.data.frame.LFRdataframe Source code
getBreadthGenomeCoverage Man page
getBreadthGenomeCoverage,LFRset-method Man page
getBreadthGenomeCoverage,getBreadthGenomeCoverage-method Man page
getCopyNumber Source code
getLFRStats Man page
getLFRStats,LFRset-method Man page
getLFRStats,getLFRStats-method Man page
getLFRStatsPerWell Man page
getLFRStatsPerWell,LFRset-method Man page
getLFRStatsPerWell,getLFRStatsPerWell-method Man page
getLFRset Man page Source code
getMutationsOfLFR Man page Source code
getMutationsOfLFR2 Source code
getMutationsOfLFRSet Source code
getN50 Man page
getN50,LFRset-method Man page
getN50,getN50-method Man page
getOverlapLFR Source code
getOverlapMutations Source code
getPhaseInformation Source code
getVariantAlleleInfo Man page Source code
getVariantCoverageTable Man page Source code
getWellLFRset Man page
getWellLFRset,LFRset-method Man page
getWellLFRset,getWellLFRset-method Man page
getWells Man page
getWells,LFRset-method Man page
getWells,getWells-method Man page
get_allbutlast Source code
get_alleleinfotabular Source code
get_coveragetabular Source code
head.LFRdataframe Source code
hist.LFRset Man page Source code
hist_fragments Source code
initsWellSamples Man page Source code
is_phased Source code
is_strictlyphased Source code
list_phasing Source code
loading_vcf Source code
number_ticks Source code
onAttach Source code
onLoad Source code
parseregion Source code
plot.LFRset Man page Source code
plot.VariantAlleleInfo Man page Source code
plotLFRDistribution Man page
plotLFRDistribution,LFRset-method Man page
plotLFRDistribution,plotLFRDistribution-method Man page
plot_AlleleInfo Source code
plot_LFRChromosomeDistribution Source code
plot_fragments Source code
print.LFRdataframe Source code
print.WellSample Source code
process_fragments Source code
select_filter Source code
select_passed Source code
summary.LFRset Man page Source code
tail.LFRdataframe Source code
unlist Source code
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