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The main functions provided by the tools are : getVariantAlleleInfo, getLFRset and getPhasingInfo


The package include experimental data retrieved from a study conducted in the Ovarian Cancer Lab of the University of Oxford.

For more detailed information on usage, see the package vignette, by typing vignette('DigitalPicoTools'). All support questions should be emailed to the authors.


Donatien Chedom-Fotso, Ahmed Ahmed, Christopher Yau,


DigitalPicoTools references:

OncoPhase: A package for computing Somatic Mutation cellular Prevalence in cancer using haplotype phasing. Bioinformatics 2016. Submitted

DigitalPicoTools reference (Paper):

Ovarian cancer haplotype sequencing reveals ubiquitous SOX2 overexpression in the premalignant fallopian tube epithelium

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