Man pages for chr1swallace/coloc
Colocalisation Tests of Two Genetic Traits

alpha_to_logbfalpha_to_logbf function, function,
bin2linbinomial to linear regression conversion
check_alignmentcheck alignment
coloc.abfFully Bayesian colocalisation analysis using Bayes Factors
coloc.bf_bfColoc data through Bayes factors
coloc.detailBayesian colocalisation analysis with detailed output
coloc-packageColocalisation tests of two genetic traits
coloc.processPost process a coloc.details result using masking
coloc.signalsColoc with multiple signals per trait
coloc.susierun coloc using susie to detect separate signals
coloc.susie_bfrun coloc using susie to detect separate signals
coloc_test_dataSimulated data to use in testing and vignettes in the coloc...
est_condgenerate conditional summary stats
estgeno1estgeno1 out snp with most extreme Z score
finemap.abfBayesian finemapping analysis
finemap.signalsFinemap multiple signals in a single dataset
logbf_to_pplogbf 2 pp
map_condfind the next most significant SNP, conditioning on a list of...
map_maskfind the next most significant SNP, masking a list of sigsnps
plot_datasetplot a coloc dataset
plot-methodsplot a coloc_abf object
runsusieRun susie on a single coloc-structured dataset
sdY.estEstimate trait variance, internal function
sensitivityPrior sensitivity for coloc
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