Man pages for chrischen1/viper_copy
Virtual Inference of Protein-activity by Enriched Regulon analysis

aecdfApproximate empirical commulative distribution function
aracne2regulonRegulon object generation from ARACNe results
aracne2regulon4cnvRegulon object generation from ARACNe results corrected by...
aREAanalytic Rank-based Enrichment Analysis
as.dist.signatureDistanceDistance matrix from signatureDistance objects
bootstrapmsvipermsviper bootstraps integration
bootstrapTtest-methodsBootstrapped signature by t-test
comNamesCombinatorial annotation
distModeMode of continuous distributions
fcvarnaVariance of columns for arrays with NA values
filterColMatrixFilter for columns of a matrix with no loss of col and row...
filterCV-methodsCoefficient of variation filter
filterRowMatrixFilter for rows of a matrix with no loss of col and row names
frcvCoeficient of variations for rows
frvarnaVariance of rows for arrays with NA values
groupPwea3Proportionally Weighted Enrichment Analysis for gene-set...
integrateSignaturesIntegrate signatures
ledgeLeading-edge analysis
loadExpsetLoading expression sets
msviperAnnotmsVIPER annotation change
msviper-classThe msviper class
msviperClassmsVIPER class
msviperCombinatorialmsviper combinatorial analysis
msviperSynergymsviper synergy analysis
plot.msviperPlot msviper results
pruneRegulonPrune Regulons
pwea3NULLfNull model function
pwea3NULLgroupsRegulon-specific NULL model
regulon-classThe regulon class
rowTtest-methodsStudent's t-test for rows
scaleGroupsSignatures with grouping variable
scale.signatureDistanceScaling of signatureDistance objects
shadowShadow analysis for msviper objects
shadowRegulonCorrection for pleiotropy
signatureDistanceSignature Distance
summary.msviperList msviper results
ttestNull-methodsNull model by sample permutation testing
viperSignature-methodsGeneric S4 method for signature and sample-permutation null...
viperSimilarityVIPER similarity
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