Man pages for craddm/eegUtils
A collection of utilities for EEG analysis

arrange_chansTopographical channel ordering eeg_data to data.frame 'eeg_epochs' object to data.frame 'eeg_evoked' object to data frame 'eeg_ICA' object to data frame 'eeg_tfr' objects to data frames
average_tfInternal function for averaging over epochs
browse_dataBrowse EEG data.
cart_to_sphConvert 3D Cartesian co-ordinates to spherical
channel_statsChannel statistics
check_ci_strCheck if chan_info is in old format
check_timingsCheck consistency of event and timing tables
circ_meanCalculate circular mean
compare_epochsCompare epochs using an independent t-test
compute_csdConvert to Current Source Density
compute_gCompute the g function for two sets of locations of channel...
compute_hCompute the h function for two sets of locations of channel...
compute_psdCompute power spectral density
compute_tfrCompute Time-Frequency representation of EEG data
convert_tfrConvert Fourier output to power or phase as requested.
convert_to_csdCalculate current source densities
conv_morConvolve with morlets
conv_to_matConvert to 3d matrix
cov_epochsCovariance of epoched data
create_erpimageFunction for creating an ERP image
create_grandavgCreate a grand average file from multiple evoked objects
create_headCreate head shape for plotting
create_tcInternal function for creation of timecourse plots
demo_epochsA demo 'eeg_epochs' dataset
eeg_ar_threshSimple absolute value thresholding
eeg_averageCalculate averages (e.g. ERPs) for single datasets
eeg_combineCombine EEG objects
eeg_dataFunction to create an S3 object of class "eeg_data".
eeg_decompGeneralized eigenvalue decomposition based methods for EEG...
eeg_downsampleDownsampling EEG data
eeg_evokedFunction to create an S3 object of class "eeg_evoked"
eeg_FASTERFASTER EEG artefact rejection
eeg_statsFunction to create an S3 object of class "eeg_stats".
eeg_tfrObject creator for eeg_tfr objects.
electrode_locationsGet standard electrode locations
epoch_dataCreate epochs from EEG data
epoch_data.defaultCreate epochs from EEG data
epoch_data.eeg_epochsCreate epochs
erp_imagePlot ERP images
erp_rasterERP raster plot
erp_scalpPlot ERPs on the scalp
faster_chansPerform global bad channel detection for FASTER
faster_cineFASTER detection of bad channels in single epochs
faster_epochsPerform global bad epoch detection for FASTER
faster_epo_statCalculate statistics for each channel in an epoch and...
fft_nN-point FFT
find_timesFind times in an eeg_* object
flip_xFlip x-axis coords
gam_topoFit a GAM smooth across scalp.
iir_filtButterworth IIR filter
import_chansImport channel locations from various file formats
import_elcImport ASA .elc electrode location files
import_rawFunction for reading raw data.
import_setLoad EEGLAB .set files
interactive_scalpInteractive scalp maps
interp_elecsChannel interpolation
is.eeg_dataCheck if object is of class "eeg_data".
is.eeg_epochsCheck if object is of class "eeg_epochs".
is.eeg_tfrCheck if object is of class eeg_tfr
joint_diagJoint diagonalization for SOBI
list_epochsList epochs
list_eventsList events
load_setLoad EEGLAB .set files
montage_checkMontage check
morletMorlet wavelet
morlet_resMorlet wavelet resolutions
parse_for_tcParse data for timecourses
plot_butterflyCreate a butterfly plot from timecourse data
plot_electrodesPlot electrode locations
plot_psdPlot power spectral density
plot_tfrTime-frequency plot
plot_timecoursePlot 1-D timecourse data.
print.eeg_dataPrint eeg_data summary
print.eeg_epochsPrint eeg_epochs summary
print.eeg_evokedPrint eeg_evoked summary
print.eeg_tfrPrint Values
quick_hurstQuickly calculate simple Hurst exponent for a matrix
remove_edgesRemove convolution edges
rm_baselineBaseline correction
rotate_angleRotate channel locations
rotate_sphRotate spherical coordinates and recalculate others
run_ICAICA for EEG data
run_iirInternal function for running IIR filtering
run_SSDInternal function for running SSD algorithm
select_elecsSelect electrodes from a given dataset
select_epochsSelect epochs from eeg_data
select_freqsSelect frequencies
select_timesSelect timerange
set_paletteSet palette and limits for topoplot
spheric_splineCalculate a spherical spline smooth for interpolation of...
sph_to_cartConvert spherical to cartesian 3d
split_vecSegment data
tag_eventsTag events
tf_morletPerform Morlet time-frequency analysis
topoplotTopographical Plotting Function for EEG
topoplot.defaultTopographical Plotting Function for EEG
wavelet_normNormalise Morlet wavelets
welch_fftWelch fft
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