Man pages for cstubben/genomes2
Genome sequencing project metadata

doublingTimeDoubling time for genome projects
efetchEntrez database downloads
einfoEntrez database information
elinkEntrez database links
esearchEntrez database search
esummaryEntrez database summaries
euksEukaryotic genomes at NCBI
ftpListList FTP files and directories
genomesIntroduction to the genomes package
genomes-internalInternal genomes Functions
genomes-linesAdd lines to a genomes plot
genomes-plotGenome table plots by release date
genomes-printPrint genome tables
genomes-summaryGenome table summaries
genomes-updateGenome table updates
genusExtract the genus name
image2Display a matrix image
likePattern matching using wildcards
ncbiGenomeNCBI Genome links to the Nucleotide database
ncbiNucleotideNCBI Nucleotide database
ncbiProjectNCBI BioProject database
ncbiPubmedNCBI PubMed database
ncbiReleaseNCBI revision history
ncbiSubmitNCBI submission dates
ncbiTaxonomyNCBI taxonomy database
plotbyPlot groups of genomes by release date
proksProkaryotic genomes at NCBI
read.genemarkRead a GeneMark output file
read.gffRead a GFF file from NCBI
read.glimmerRead a Glimmer output file
read.ncbi.ftpRead files from the NCBI genomes FTP
read.prodigalRead a Prodigal gene finding output file
read.pttRead a NCBI protein or RNA feature table
speciesExtract the species name
table2Format and sort a contigency table
virusVirus genomes at NCBI
yearParse a date string
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