Man pages for d3b-center/annoFuse
annoFuse: an R Package to annotate, prioritize, and interactively explore putative oncogenic RNA fusions

aggregate_fusion_callsFunction to aggregate Caller and read support per fusions...
annoFuse_single_sampleSingle Sample use for annoFuse
annotate_fusion_callsFunction to annotate fusion calls
called_by_n_callersFunction to identify fusions called by at least n callers
expression_filter_fusionExpression filtering with user provided expression Matrix and...
fusion_driverFilter standardized fusion calls for driver fusions
fusion_filtering_QCFilters standardized fusion calls to remove artifacts and...
fusion_multifusedFunction to identify fusions called by at least n callers
fusion_standardizationStandardizes fusion calls
get_Pfam_domainFunction to annotate fusion calls with domain terms
groupcount_fusion_callsFunction to identify fusions called by at least n callers
plot_breakpointsFunction to plot breakpoints of a gene in a sample/cohort
plot_recurrent_fusionsFunction to plot recurrent fused genes
plot_recurrent_genesFunction to plot recurrent fused genes
plot_summaryFunction to annotate fusion calls
read_arriba_callsRead in fusion calls from Arriba v1.1.0
read_starfusion_callsRead in fusion calls from STAR-Fusion 1.5.0
samplecount_fusion_callsFunction to identify fusions called in n samples
theme_publicationtheme_publication for plots Publication quality images for...
zscored_annotationAnnotates standardizes fusion calls calls with zscored...
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