Defines functions bugs.parfit

Documented in bugs.parfit

bugs.parfit <-
function(cl, data, params, model, inits=NULL,
n.chains = 3, seed,
program=c("winbugs", "openbugs", "brugs"), ...) ## only mcmc.list format is supported when cl is not NULL
    ## get defaults right for cl argument
    cl <- evalParallelArgument(cl, quit=FALSE)
    ## sequential evaluation falls back on jags.fit
    if (is.null(cl)) {
        return(bugs.fit(data, params, model,
            inits = inits, n.chains = n.chains, seed=seed, ...))
    ## parallel evaluation starts here
    ## not case sensitive evaluation of program arg
    program <- match.arg(tolower(program), c("winbugs", "openbugs", "brugs"))

    if (program %in% c("winbugs", "brugs") && !suppressWarnings(requireNamespace("R2WinBUGS")))
        stop("there is no package called 'R2WinBUGS'")
    if (program == "brugs" && !suppressWarnings(requireNamespace("BRugs")))
        stop("there is no package called 'BRugs'")
    if (program == "openbugs" && !suppressWarnings(requireNamespace("R2OpenBUGS")))
        stop("there is no package called 'R2OpenBUGS'")

    if (is.environment(data)) {
        warnings("'data' was environment: it was coerced into a list")
        data <- as.list(data)
    if (!is.null(list(...)$format))
        if (list(...)$format == "bugs")
            stop("only 'mcmc.list' format is supported for parallel parallel computations")

    if (n.chains == 1)
        stop("no need for parallel computing with 1 chain")
    if (missing(seed))
        stop("'seed' must be provided")
    if (is.null(seed))
        stop("'seed' must be not be NULL")
    ## if all seed are the same
    if (length(unique(seed)) != n.chains)
        stop("provide 'seed' for each chain")
    if (length(unique(seed)) != n.chains)
        stop("'seed' must have 'n.chains' unique values")

    trace <- getOption("dcoptions")$verbose
    ## retrieves n.clones
    n.clones <- dclone::nclones.list(data)
    ## removes n.clones attr from each element of data
    data <- lapply(data, function(z) {
        attr(z, "n.clones") <- NULL

    ## write model
    if (is.function(model) || inherits(model, "custommodel")) {
        if (is.function(model))
            model <- match.fun(model)
        ## write model only if SOCK cluster or multicore (shared memory)
        if (is.numeric(cl) || inherits(cl, "SOCKcluster")) {
            model <- write.jags.model(model)

    if (is.null(inits))
        inits <- lapply(1:n.chains, function(i) NULL)
    if (is.function(inits))
        inits <- lapply(1:n.chains, function(i) inits)
    if (length(inits) != n.chains)
        stop("inits length incompatible with n.chains")

    ## common data to cluster
    cldata <- list(data=data, params=params, model=model, inits=inits,
        seed=seed, program=program)
    ## parallel function to evaluate by parDosa
    bugsparallel <- function(i, ...)   {
        cldata <- pullDcloneEnv("cldata", type = "model")
        bugs.fit(data=cldata$data, params=cldata$params,
            inits=cldata$inits[[i]], n.chains=1,
            program=cldata$program, format="mcmc.list",
            working.directory=NULL, ...)
    if (trace) {
        cat("\nParallel computation in progress\n\n")
    ## parallel computations
    balancing <- if (getOption("dcoptions")$LB)
        "load" else "none"
#    dir <- if (inherits(cl, "SOCKcluster")) # model now has full path
#        getwd() else NULL
    LIB <- "dclone"
    if (program == "winbugs")
        LIB <- c(LIB, "R2WinBUGS")
    if (program == "brugs")
        LIB <- c(LIB, "R2WinBUGS", "BRugs")
    if (program == "openbugs")
        LIB <- c(LIB, "R2OpenBUGS")

    mcmc <- parDosa(cl, 1:n.chains, bugsparallel, cldata,
        balancing=balancing, size=1,
        rng.type=getOption("dcoptions")$RNG, cleanup=TRUE,
        dir=NULL, # model now has full path
        unload=FALSE, ...)
    ## binding the chains
    res <- as.mcmc.list(lapply(mcmc, as.mcmc))

    ## adding n.clones attribute, and class attr if mcmc.list
    if (!is.null(n.clones) && n.clones > 1) {
        attr(res, "n.clones") <- n.clones
        class(res) <- c("mcmc.list.dc", class(res))
    if (program == "winbugs")
        warnings("seed settings in WinBUGS are not best suited for parallel computations")
    if (program == "brugs")
        warning("program = 'openbugs' is the preferred interface")
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