Man pages for dbailleul/RClone
Partially Clonal Populations Analysis

agg_indexAggregation of clones
autocorrelationSpatial Autocorrelation
clonal_indexIndices for clonal data
clonal_subClonal Subrange
convert_GCFile conversion into RClone files
coord_posidoniaPosidonia coordinates
edge_effectEdge Effect
export_gencloneexport data file to Adegenet, Genetix and Arlequin
freq_RRAllelic Frequencies
gencloneSummary function of RClone package
genet_distGenetic distance
infileInfile GenClone style file
kinshipLoiselle and Ritland kinship coefficients
list_allListing unique alleles
MLG_tabTable of MLG (MultiLocus Genotypes)
MLL_generatorClonal Lineage Generation
Pareto_indexPareto index
pgenProbability of a Genotype
psexProbability of originating from distinct sexual events
resvigncontResults contained in vignette Quick Manual
sample_LUSample Loci or Units
sort_allSorting alleles
transcript_GCTranscript GenClone files
zosteraZostera Dataset
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