Man pages for dbottomly/HitWalker
Network-based variant prioriziation using functional assay scores

add_in_missing_nodesFill in missing values in a character vector.
annotatedIGraphClass '"annotatedIGraph"'
collapse_nodes_genesCollapse nodes into a single representative nodes.
draw_graphLow-level wrapper for drawing a graph based on supplied...
draw_graph_variantPriorResultPlot a 'variantPriorResult' object
get_hit_protsRetrieve functional assay hits from datasource
get_protein_protein_graphRetrieve a graph from a datasource.
get_sample_overlaysRetrieve sample-specific metadata
get_sample_variantsRetrieving and filtering variants
graphDispParamsClass '"graphDispParams"'
Hitwalker_packageNetwork-based variant prioriziation using functional assay...
loadGraphLoad an annotatedIGraph object
make_target_graphCreating shortest path subgraphs
priorDbParamsClass '"priorDbParams"'
prior_objA sample 'variantPriorResult' object
process_node_annotApply a function to split annotation
protein_list_to_geneSummarize named character vector based on supplied mappings
reconcile_sample_namePartial name matching in datasource.
retrieve_param_querySend and retrieve the result of an SQL query
run_prioritization_patientRun RWR prioritization for a given sample
run_protocolPrioritizing variants using random walk with restarts
rwrParamsClass '"rwrParams"'
variantFilterClass '"variantFilter"'
variantPriorResultClass '"variantPriorResult"'
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