acts_shamp: Sexual Acts Module for up to 5 race groups and 2 sexes.

Description Usage Arguments Details Value


Module function for setting the number of sexual acts on the discordant edgelist.


acts_shamp(dat, at)



Master data list object of class dat containing networks, individual-level attributes, and summary statistics.


Current time step.


The number of acts at each time step is specified as a function of the race of both members in a pair and whether the relationship is male male or heterosexual. Rates are averages of the reported rates by each race. For one-off partnerships, this is deterministically set at 1, whereas for main and causal partnerships it is a stochastic draw from a Poisson distribution. The number of total acts may further be modified by the level of HIV viral suppression in an infected person.


This function returns the dat object with the updated discordant act list (dal). Each element of dal is a data frame with the ids of the discordant pair repeated the number of times they have AI.

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