Man pages for ericmkeen/bangarang
Bangarang data tools for the Kitimat Fjord System

addturnHelper functions for routeKFS
bangarangbangarang: A package of R tools for data from the Kitimat...
blocksBoundaries for geographic block schemes in Bangarang analyses
calc.ODCalculated total travel distance in a dataframe of turns
channelsPolygons of coordinates delineating 8 geographic channels
deadendkeyA key for straightest-path decision making between channels...
LOStestLine-of-Sight test for two water locations
NodesFirstStepsMatrixReference of First Steps to take when traveling between node...
nodesLOSmatrixReference of which travel nodes are within Line-Of-Sight of...
nodesrawList of travel nodes used for shortest-path calculations in...
ocean.routePrimary functions for routeKFS
plotKFSMaps for the Kitimat Fjord System
plot.ODMap travel route computed by routeKFS
provincesPolygons of coordinates delineating 4 geographic provinces
routeKFSFind shortest path through the Kitimat Fjord System
shiplaneCoordinates of proposed shipping lane in Kitimat Fjord System
solve2linesFind solution of 2 intersecting lines
stationsOceanographic stations of the Bangarang Project
subblocksPolygons of coordinates delineating 26 geographic subblocks...
waterpolygonsPolygons of shoreline coordinates delineating 54 geographic...
whalemapFind true position of sighting
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