Man pages for eyzhao/hrdtools
Homologous Recombination Deficiency Tests with Whole Genome Sequencing

count_lstLST Counter
crosses_centromereDoes it Cross the Centromere?
get_centromere_regionsGet Centromere regions
get_reference_signaturesRetrieving Reference Mutation Signatures
get_subtelomere_coordinateGet Subtelomere Coordinate
get_subtelomere_regionsGet Subtelomere data
import_rangesImports ranges output from APOLLOH
import_snvsSNV Importer This function imports SNVs from a tab-delimited...
loh_testThe HRD-LOH Test
lst_testThe HRD-LST Test
mutation_catalogObtain the Mutational Catalog / Spectrum
nnls_exposuresCalculate signature exposures
nnls_exposures_workerNNLS Worker Function
nnls_montecarloMonte Carlo Simulation of NNLS
run_snvDeciphers SNV Signatures
run_testRuns the LOH, TAI, and LST Tests
stitchCombines identical neighbours into a single range - performed...
tai_testThe HRD-TAI Test
test_multipleRun the HRD Tests on Multiple Files
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