Man pages for goat-anti-rabbit/labelpepmatch.R
Tools For Interpreting Mass Spectra With Labeled Peptides

add_idManually add an identification from e.g. MS/MS
calculate_peptide_massCalculate the mass of a peptide.
download_lpm_dbDownload a peptide database.
generate_random_dbGenerate a random database of peptides.
locustdataDataset with TMAB labelled locust peptides.
lpm_heatmapPlot a heatmap.
lpm_linearmodelLinear models for labelpepmatch.
lpm_make.RGListBridge between labelpepmatch and limma.
lpm_MAplotPlot an MA plot.
lpm_mockdataGenerate mock data.
lpm_refineRefine 'pepmatched' objects.
lpm_summarySummary lpm objects.
lpm_volcanoplotPlot a volcano plot.
make.statlistReorganize a 'pepmatched' object into matrix format.
pep.idMass match peak pairs from a pepmatched object.
pep.massmatchMass match a vector of masses to a database.
pepmatchIdentify peak pairs.
QC_databaseQuality check a database.
read.labelpepmatchRead labelpepmatch input.
read.progenesisRead progenesis data.
view_spectraPlot spectra in m/z - retention time space.
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