Man pages for gogleva/SecretSanta
flexible pipelines for secretome prediction

ask_uniprotfetch known subcellular location from UniprotKB based on...
CBS_methodsaccessor functions for objects of 'CBSResult' S4 class,...
check_khdelcheck C-terminal ER-retention signals
combine_SpResultcombine multiple objects of SignalpResult class
combine_TpResultcombine multiple objects of TargetpResult class
crop_namescrop_names function
ErResult_methodsaccessor functions for objects of ErResult S4 class, outputs...
manage_pathsorganise and test external dependencies
m_slicergenerate proteins with alternative translation start sites
SecretSanta_manSecretSanta, main functionality
signalppredict signal peptides
SignalpResult_methodsaccessor functions for objects of SignalpResult S4 class,...
split_XStringSetsplit XStringSet objects
targetppredict subcellular protein localization with TargetP
TargetpResult_methodsaccessor functions for objects of TargetpResult S4 class,...
tmhmmpredict transmembrane domains with TMHMM
TMhmmResult_methodsaccessor functions for objects of TMhmmResult S4 class,...
topconsparse TOPCONS output
TopconsResult_methodsaccessor functions for objects of TopconsResult S4 class
wolfpsortpredict subcellular protein localization with WoLFpsort
WolfResult_methodsaccessor functions for objects of WolfResult S4 class,...
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