Man pages for gschofl/hlatools
A collection of tools to work with IPD-IMGT/HLA data

allele_idAccess allele IDs
allele_nameAccess allele names
allele_tableClass: allele_tbl
check_remotesSet remote data checking on of off
clone_IMGTHLAClone or pull the ANHIG/IMGTHLA repository
cwd_statusAccess CWD status
db_versionGet IPD-IMGT/HLA database version
ethnicityAccess ethnicity status
exonAccess exon sequences
featuresAccess feature data
getFrameAccess feature reading frame
getIdAccess feature ID
getOrderAccess feature order
getStatusAccess feature status
getTypeAccess feature type
g_groupAccess G-group designations
g_tableClass: g_tbl
hasNextDoes this iterator have a next element
HLAAlleleConstructor for HLAAllele objects
HLAAllele-classClass '"HLAAllele""
hla_field1Get the first field from a HLA allele code
hla_field2Get the second field from a HLA allele code
HLAGeneConstructor for HLAGene objects.
HLAGene_Class '"HLAGene"'
hla_prefixGet the HLA allele code prefix
HLARangesConstructor for HLARanges objects
HLARanges-classClass '"HLARanges"'
HLARangesListConstructor for HLARangesList objects
HLARangesList-classClass '"HLARangesList"'
hla_sortSort HLA alleles by field
hlatools-packageA collection of tools to work with IPD-IMGT/HLA data
hlatools_versionGet hlatools package version
ihasNextCreate an iterator with a hasNext method
intronAccess intron sequences
is_completeAccess completeness status
is_lslHas a sequence been submitted by DKMS Life Science Lab
iter.IRangesAn IRanges iterator
locusnameAccess locus name
match_alleles(Partially) match allele names in a HLAGene object.
nmdp_tableClass: nmdp_tbl
noutrAccess all sequence data except for the UTRs
parse_hla_allelesParse all HLA alleles for a locus from hla.xml
p_groupAccess P-group designations
pipePipe operator
read_hla_xmlFetch or update the IPD-IMGT/HLA hla.xml file
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sample_nameAccess (colon-separated) sample names
sequencesAccess sequence data
utrAccess UTR sequences
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