Man pages for guilayn/lbe3df
3D Fluorescence spectra processing

check_folders3D Fluorescence spectrum processing
diffra_detectFunction for internal use
diffu_detectFunction for internal use
emission_spectrumExtraction of 2D emission spectrum, given any excitation...
excitation_spectrumExtraction of 2D excitation spectrum, given any emission...
lbe3df3D Fluorescence spectra processing
LBE_fluo3D_check_foldersChecks if every subfolder is OK to pass the...
LBE_fluo3D_indicators3D Fluorescence level plot by plotly, after processing
LBE_fluo3D_levelplot3D Fluorescence level plot by plotly, after processing
LBE_fluo3D_process_allApplies 3D Fluoresce processing and plotting to every...
LBE_fluo3D_processing3D Fluorescence spectrum processing
LBE_fluo3D_single_pointExtraction of intensity singles, given any excitation and...
LBE_fluo3D_zones_volumeExtraction of polygons volumes, as defined by zones().
polygon_detectFunction for internal use
zones_definitionFunction for internal use.
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