Man pages for hhabra/Combiner
Method for Combining LC-MS Metabolomics Feature Measurements

adjustDataProcess and Filter Metabolomics Feature Lists
calcScoresCompute Feature Similarity Scores
CombinerCombiner: Method for Combining LC-MS Metabolomics Feature...
combinerErrorObtain Errors for Combiner Object Checks
combinerTable-metabCombiner-methodObtain Combiner Feature Alignment Report
crossValidationGAMCross Validation for GAM model
crossValidationLoessCross Validation for Loess Model
detectFieldsDetect metabData Input Columns
evaluateParamsEvaluate Similarity Score Parameters
filterAnchorsGAMFilter Outlier Ordered Pairs
filterAnchorsLoessFilter Outlier Ordered Pairs
filterRTFilter Features by Retention Time
findDuplicatesFind and Remove Duplicate Features
fit_gamFit RT Projection Model With GAMs
fit_loessFit RT Projection Model With LOESS
formCombinerTableForm Combiner Report Table
getAnchors-metabCombiner-methodGet Ordered Retention Time Pairs
getCoefficients-metabCombiner-methodObtain last-used set of score coefficients
getData-metabCombiner-methodGet Datasets From metabCombiner Object.
getData-metabData-methodObtain processed metabolomics data frame
getExtra-metabData-methodGet Names of Additional Data Fields
getModel-metabCombiner-methodGet Fitted RT Model
getSamples-metabCombiner-methodGet Sample Names From metabCombiner Object 'metabCombiner'...
getSamples-metabData-methodObtain Metabolomics Sample Names
getStats-metabCombiner-methodGet metabCombiner Statistics
getStats-metabData-methodObtain metabData Statistics
identityAnchorSelectionSelect Matching Ids as Anchors
isCombinerTableDetermine combinerTable Validity
isMetabCombinerDetermine if object is a valid metabCombiner object
isMetabDataDetermine validity of input metabData object
iterativeAnchorSelectionIteratively Select Ordered Feature Pairs
metabCombinerForm a metabCombiner object.
metabCombiner-class'metabCombiner' Combined Metabolomics Dataset Class
metabDataConstructor for the metabData object.
metabData-class'metabData' Single Metabolomics Dataset Class
mzGroupBinning of mass spectral features in m/z dimension
objectiveWeight Parameter Objective Function
plot_CombinerPlot Combiner Fits
reduceTableLabel and Remove Combiner Report Rows
scorePairsCalculate the pairwise score between grouped features
selectAnchorsSelect Anchors for Nonlinear RT Model
write2filePrint a Combiner Report to file.
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