Man pages for hyginn/ekplektoR
Network Analysis for Cell- and Systems Biology

annotateGraphProduce annotated gene graph where vertices have scores...
combineSNV_CNACombine mutation data from CNA and SNV
devCNA.txtCNA data.
devPPI.txtPPI data.
devSNV.mafSNV data.
diffuseV3Diffuse heat in an AGG object by numerical equilibration.
fastMapMap an ID to its associated HGNC gene symbol.
fastMapGenerateGenerate the fastMap hash tables.
fastMapSanityCheck if given input is a valid key or valid value
fastMapUpdateModify a fastMap hash table.
findsubFind Highly Connected Subnetworks after Eliminating 'Weak'...
findUUIDFinds a specific UUID in logged events
getProvenanceReconstructs provenance of object
getUUIDget a UUID to attach to an object
importFilterHypermutatorsFilters out hypermutators
importM.COSMICImport mutation data from a COSMIC database.
importNet.STRINGImport network data from a STRING database file.
logEventFormats an event description to be sent for attaching to the...
logFileNameDefine the log file name
logMessageWrite a message to the current log file.
multiplyMultiply two numbers.
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