Man pages for jean997/fret
Association testing with spatially structured phenotypes

choose_s0Select s0 using the method of Tusher, Tibshirani and Chu...
dnase1_test_windowsRun a variety of tests in pre-defined windows
find_segmentsUse variance of smoothed permutation test statistics to...
fret_ratesCalculate lambda and fdr for each peak
fret_rates_prelimCalculate per-base error rates for original and permutation...
fret_statsCalculate FRET test statistics
get_statsHelper function for calculating test statistics
helloHello, World!
ksmooth_0Box kernel smoother for integer positions
ksmooth_0_cppKernel smoother for integer locations
ksmooth_0_stitchKernel smoother for integer locations
maxes_1segGet peak heights and permuted peak heights for one segment
stats_to_ratesCollect fret_stats temporary files
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