Man pages for jlaffy/statistrics
Basic Statistics For Single-Cell (or bulk) RNA Analyses

combineCombine data from files
complexityCutFilter cells by complexity cutoff
DEgenesDifferentially Expressed Genes Between Two Groups
detectedCell complexity counter
fold_changeFold Changes between Matrices
gene_meansMatrix Column/Row Means
genesCutFilter genes by cutoff
hcleanRemove too big too small clusters
hclusterHierarchical clustering
hcorderOrder variables by hierarchical clustering
hcorrCalculate (ordered) pairwise correlation matrix
hcsighcsig: hcluster Significance
hcsig_cutCluster Significance Cut
hcsim_cutCut filters based on jaccard similarity
hcutreeGet clusters from hc object by tree heights
jaccardJaccard Similarity
jaccard_filterVector Filtering by Jaccard Similarity
logTPMConvert expression data from TPM to logTPM form.
mainCell Clustering and Cluster Processing
makeFilenameGenerate filename to match Cache files
most_significantSingle Most Significant Occurrences of Genes
ncutreeGet clusters from hc object by predefined cluster number
overlapBasic Similarity (intersection value)
pairs_applyApply function to every pair between x and a list
pairs_apply_allApply function to every pair in a list
preprocessPreProcess Expression Matrix
p_valP-values between matrices
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
scoreProgram Scores
sigSignificance according to p-values of fold changes.
stringGenerate one string from a list of strings
top_program_genesTop Genes across Programs
TPMConvert expression data from logTPM to TPM form.
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