Man pages for leonjessen/PepTools
PepTools - An R-package for making immunoinformatics accessible

AMINOACIDSSymbol translation table for the 20 standard proteogenic...
BGFREQSAmino Acid Residue Background Frequencies for Kongdom All
BLOSUM62The BLOSUM62 matrix
BLOSUM62_PROBThe row normalised BLOSUM62* frequency matrix
helloHello, World!
mat_mima_scaleMin-max scale matrix
pep_checkCheck if a vector of peptides is valid.
pep_cleanTranslate all non-standard amino acid residue characters with...
pep_consensusRetrieve the consensus sequence from a set of peptides
pep_encodeEncode a peptide
pep_encode_matEncode a peptide
pep_get_imagesGet peptide images
pep_matConvert a vector of peptides to matrix form
pep_mutateMutate residues along peptide positions
pep_plot_imagesPlot peptide images
pep_ranGenerate 'n' random 'k'-mers (peptides)
pep_scoreScore a peptide against a PSSM using sum of positional...
pep_splitSplit a peptide into residue characters
pssm_bitsCompute the information content in bits
pssm_checkCheck if a PSSM has the correct format
pssm_countsCompute counts matrix
pssm_emptyCreate empty Position Specific Scoring Matrix
pssm_empty_longCreate empty Position Specific Scoring Matrix
pssm_freqsCompute frequency matrix
pssm_kldCompute the Kullback-Leibler Divergence
read_fastaRead a FASTA file
residue_nameTranslate between amino acid residue symbols
vec_mima_scaleMin-max scale vector
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