Man pages for lvclark/polyRAD
Genotype Calling with Uncertainty from Sequencing Data in Polyploids and Diploids

AddAlleleFreqByTaxaEstimate Local Allele Frequencies for Each Taxon Based on...
AddAlleleFreqHWEEstimate Allele Frequencies in a RADdata Object Assuming...
AddAlleleFreqMappingEstimate Allele Frequencies in a Mapping Population
AddGenotypeLikelihoodEstimate Genotype Likelihoods in a RADdata object
AddGenotypePosteriorProbEstimate Posterior Probabilities of Genotypes
AddGenotypePriorProb_ByTaxaEstimate Prior Genotype Probabilities on a Per-Taxon Basis
AddGenotypePriorProb_HWEEstimate Genotype Prior Probabilities Under Hardy-Weinberg...
AddGenotypePriorProb_Mapping2ParentsExpected Genotype Frequencies in Mapping Populations
AddPCAPerform Principal Components Analysis on "RADdata" Object
AddPloidyChiSqChi-Square Test on Genotype Likelihood Distributions
AddPloidyLikelihoodLikelihoods for Possible Ploidies Based on Genotype...
AddPriorTimesLikelihoodMultiply Genotype Prior Probabilities by Genotype Likelihoods
CanDoGetWeightedMeanGenoCheck Whether 'GetWeightedMeanGenotypes' Can Be Run
exampleRADMiniature Datasets for Testing polyRAD Functions
ExportGAPITExport RADdata Object for Use by Other R Packages
GetLikelyGenOutput the Most Likely Genotype
GetTaxaAccessor Functions for RADdata Objects
GetWeightedMeanGenotypesExport Numeric Genotype Values Weighted by Posterior...
IterateHWEIteratively Estimate Population Parameters and Genotypes In a...
MakeTasselVcfFilterFilter Lines of a VCF File By Call Rate and Allele Frequency
OneAllelePerMarkerReturn the Index of One Allele for Each Locus
PipelineMapping2ParentsRun polyRAD Pipeline on a Mapping Population
RADdataRADdata object constructor
readHMCImport read depth from UNEAK
readStacks1Import Read Depth from Stacks Version 1
readTagDiggerImport Read Counts from TagDigger
SetBlankTaxaFunctions to Assign Taxa to Specific Roles
SubsetByLocusCreate RADdata Objects with a Subset of Loci
SubsetByTaxonCreate RADdata Object with a Subset of Taxa
VCF2RADdataCreate a RADdata Object from a VCF File
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