Man pages for michaelwitting/wormLipidPredictR
Lipid reaction prediction based on WormJam

create_reaction_adjacency_matrixCreate adjacency matrix from reactions
create_reactionsCreate reaction network for given reactions of lipid...
dot-add_productsProduce products by replacing strings of substrates
dot-check_colnames_substrates_combinationsCheck if correct colnames are in 'substrates_combinations'
dot-check_reactionCheck if reaction is implemented
dot-create_df_with_templateCreate data frame and substitute substrates/products
dot-create_list_products_df_with_templateCreate the object to return in 'create_reaction'
dot-create_reactionCreate reaction for a given reaction of lipid metabolism
dot-create_substrates_combinationsCreate substrates combinations
dot-create_templateCreate template with mininum information or return a given...
getRheaIDsFromProteinIDGet RHEA IDs from protein ID
isolate_radylsGet all fatty acyls, alkyls and alkenyls
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