Man pages for mkarikom/RSoptSC
Low-Rank Factorization for Subspace-clustering

ApplyCountThresholdRemove rare and ubiquitous genes
AvgFeatureExpressionFind average cluster feature expression
ChordColorsGet chord colors for cells
ClusterAvgCreate a heatmap with signaling markers over clusters
ClusterCellsCluster the Cells
ClusterSigAverage cluster to cluster signaling
ColorHueGet a vector of n equally spaced rgb colors
computeMPerform ADMM
CountClustersUse clustering consensus to infer cluster number
FeatureScatterPlotProduce a scatter plot of the cells
FindRootCellFind the root cell
FindRootClusterFind the root cluster
GetCellMetricGet metric of pseudotime
GetComponentsGet graph components
GetConsensusProduce a consensus matrix
GetCorrelationGet rank correlation
GetDGFromTableGet a weighted, directed graph from a table of edges and...
GetDominatorTreeGet a directed graph from a predecessor vector
GetEnsembleProduce consensus matrix
GetMarkerTableGet the marker genes for each cluster
GetPredecessorsGet the predecessor vector for a dominator tree encoded as an...
GetSignalingPartnersCompute Cell-cell interaction probability
ImportPathwayProcess siganling pathway data
JoinGraphComponentsJoin Graph Components
LoadDataLoad sequencing data and annotations
LogNormalizeScale and center a data matrix
MembershipListGet a list of membership vectors
NormalizeGeneNormalize signal across cells
PlotClusterExpressionHeatmap of specific genes
PlotLineagePlot the pseudotime ordering of clusters
PlotMatlabDtreeProduce a plot of matlab DTree data and return the object
PlotTopNHeatmap of the top n markers
PlotTopN_GridFactor Grid heatmap of the top n markers
ProcessMatlabDTreeConvert a matlab edge table and predecessor list into a...
ReadAnnotateCountsSCERead Counts Data
RepresentationMapGenerate multiple representations
ScaleCenterDataScale and center a data matrix
SelectDataSet of the most variable genes
SigPlotCircos plot of signaling score
SimilarityMCompute the similarity matrix
SimpleCapCapitalize the first letter of a string
ViolinPlotExpressionViolin plot of gene expression
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