An R library for Global Envelope Tests


You can install the GET library from github through remotes package with the following two R commands:


If you do not have the R library remotes installed, install it first by


After installation, in order to start using GET, load it to R and see the main help page, which describes the usage of the functions of the library:


In order to use the function random_labelling, the R library marksummary is needed. It is available at


The branch for public use is called master. There are no other public branches at the moment. The branch 'no_fastdepth' of the library spptest was taken as the master branch of GET September 21, 2016. The library spptest has become GET, which is developed further.


To cite GET in publications use:

Myllymäki, M., Mrkvička, T., Grabarnik, P., Seijo, H. and Hahn, U. (2017). Global envelope tests for spatial processes. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B (Statistical Methodology) 79: 381-404. doi: 10.1111/rssb.12172 (You can find the preprint of the article here:

Mrkvička, T., Myllymäki, M. and Hahn, U. (2017). Multiple Monte Carlo testing, with applications in spatial point processes. Statistics and Computing 27 (5): 1239-1255.

If you use functional ANOVA, please also cite:

Mrkvička, T., Hahn, U. and Myllymäki, M. (2016). A one-way ANOVA test for functional data with graphical interpretation. arXiv:1612.03608 [stat.ME] (

If you use deviation tests, please also cite:

Myllymäki, M., Grabarnik, P., Seijo, H., and Stoyan, D. (2015). Deviation test construction and power comparison for marked spatial point patterns. Spatial Statistics 11: 19-34. (You can find the preprint of the article here:

If you use apply tests to spatial residuals, please also cite:

Mrkvička, T., Soubeyrand, S., Myllymäki, M., Grabarnik, P., and Hahn, U. (2016). Monte Carlo testing in spatial statistics, with applications to spatial residuals. Spatial Statistics 18, Part A: 40--53.

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