Man pages for nickytong/drexplorer
Dose-response Explorer

CI.deltaEstimate the interaction index as well as its confidence...
computeAUCCalculate AUC from a fitted object
computeICCompute the IC values at specified percentiles
computeICvariancecompute variance of IC value at each inhibition percentage...
datNCI60Example raw data for calculating GI50, TGI and LC50
datSplitSplit a drug-response data
detect_ray_designdetect if a experiment is fixed-ray design and prepare input...
drexplorerGUI_1Launch Graphical User Interface (GUI) for dose response curve...
drexplorerGUI_2Launch Graphical User Interface (GUI) for drug interaction...
drexplorer-packageDose-response Explorer
drFitFit a dose-response model
drFit-classClass '"drFit"'
drModelsShow available dose-response models with direct support.
drOutlierIdentifying outliers for dose-response data
fHillthe Hill equation function
fitHSA_rayfit HSA and Bliss model given a fixed ratio design with input...
fitHSA_ray_bootbootstrap of fitHSA_ray to obtain variation of deltaAUC
fitIAIEstimate the interaction index as well as its confidence...
fitIAI_modre-implemented IAI calculation with model selection and CI
fitIAI_mod0re-implemented IAI calculation with model selection and CI
fit_median_efectfit median-effect model for 2-drug combination with a fixed...
fitOneExpFit multiple dose response models for a single drug in a...
hillFitfit Hill equation on dose response data
lines-drFit-methodlines method for drFit object
lines.hillFitlines method for hillFit class
lines.nci60Fitlines method for nci60Fit class
nci60Fitimplementation of NCI60 method (GI50, TGI, LC50) for dose...
NewmanTablesTable III and IV published by Newman
NewmanTestIdentifying outliers with the range to standard deviation...
nl22B2The drug combination data between SCH66336 and 4-HPR. This is...
plotCCCCalculates Concordance Correlation Coefficient (CCC) to...
plot-drFit-methodplot method for drFit object
plot.hillFitplot method for hillFit class
plotHSA_rayplot the ray design from fit object returned by fitHSA_ray
plotIAIVisualize interaction index
plotIAI_modplot for the fitted object from model selection
plot_median_effectgenerate plot for the fit from median-effect model
plot.nci60Fitplot method for nci60Fit class
plotOneExpplot dose response curve from fitOneExp() result
predict-drFit-methodpredict method for drFit object
predict.hillFitpredict method for hillFit class
predict.nci60Fitpredict method for nci60Fit class
prepDRdatprepare dose-reponse data
prepDRdat2expInfofrom prepared data to experiment setup information
recommendedModelsfrequently used models
ryegrassryegrass dataset from drc package
togetgeneral getter function for attributes in an object
UMSCC22BThe drug combination data of squamous cell carcinoma cells...
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