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Facilities for Simulating from ODE-Based Models

add.dosingAdd dosing to eventTable
add.samplingAdd sampling to eventTable to data.frame an event table to a data.table
as.etCoerce object to data.frame
as_tibble.rxEtConvert to tbl
coef.RxODEReturn the RxODE coefficients
cvPostSample a covariance Matrix from the Posterior Inverse Wishart...
dot-clearPipeClear/Set pipeline
dot-rxFindPowFind power THETAs for appropriate scaling
dot-rxRmIniRemove INIs
dot-rxRmJacRemove Jacobian
dot-rxRmPrintRemove print statements
dot-rxRmSensRemove sensitivity equations
dot-rxSymPyJacobianCalculate the full Jacobian for a model
dot-rxWinRtoolsPathSetup Rtools path
dot-setWarnIdSortTurn on/off warnings for ID sorting.
etEvent Table Function
etExpandExpand additional doses
etRbindCombining event tables
etRepRepeat an RxODE event table
etSeqSequence of event tables
etTransEvent translation for RxODE
eventTableCreate an event table object
findLhsFind the assignments in R expression
forderForceBaseForce using base order for RxODE radix sorting
genShinyApp.templateGenerate an example (template) of a dosing regimen shiny app
is.rxEtCheck to see if this is an rxEt object.
is.rxSolveCheck to see if this is an rxSolve object.
plus-.rxSolveUpdate Solved object with '+'
print.rxCoefPrint the rxCoef object
print.rxCoefSolvePrint the rxCoefSolve object
print.rxDllPrint rxDll object
print.RxODEPrint information about the RxODE object.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rinvchisqScaled Inverse Chi Squared distribution
rxAddReturnAdd a return statement to a function.
rxAllowUnloadAllow unloading of dlls
rxAssignPtrAssign pointer based on model variables
rxBlockZerosCreates a logical matrix for block matrixes.
rxCReturn the C file associated with the RxODE object
rxC14Setup C++14 support in windows (required for nlmixr)
rxCatUse cat when RxODE.verbose is TRUE
rxChainrxChain Chain or add item to solved system of equations
rxChain2Second command in chaining commands
rxCleanCleanup anonymous DLLs by unloading them
rxCompileCompile a model if needed
rxConditionCurrent Condition for RxODE object
rxCoresGet the number of cores in a system
rxDeleteDelete the DLL for the model
rxDfdyJacobian and parameter derivatives
rxDllReturn the DLL associated with the RxODE object
rxDynLoadLoad RxODE object
rxDynUnloadUnload RxODE object
rxEvidEVID formatting for tibble and other places.
rxExpandIfElseExpand if/else clauses into multiple different types of...
rxFoExpandEtaFirst Order Expansion of ETA
rxForgetClear memoise cache for RxODE
rxGetModelGet model properties without compiling it.
rxGetRxODEGet RxODE model from object
rxHtmlFormat rxSolve and related objects as html.
rxInitsInitial Values and State values for a RxODE object
rxInvInvert matrix using RcppArmadillo.
rxIsCheck the type of an object using Rcpp
rxIsCurrentChecks if the RxODE object was built with the current build
rxIsLoadedDetermine if the DLL associated with the RxODE object is...
rxLhsLeft handed Variables
rxLinCmtTransThis translates the parameters specified by the model in the...
rxLockLock/unlocking of RxODE dll file
rxMd5Return the md5 of an RxODE object or file
rxModels_Get the rxModels information
rxModelVarsAll model variables for a RxODE object
rxNormGet the normalized model
RxODECreate an ODE-based model specification
rxOptExprOptimize RxODE for computer evaluation
rxOptionsOptions for RxODE
rxParamsParameters specified by the model
rxParseErrPrepare Error function for inclusion in RxODE
rxParsePkParse PK function for inclusion in RxODE
rxParsePredPrepare Pred function for inclusion in RxODE
rxPermissivePermissive or Strict RxODE syntax options
rxPhysicalDrivesReturns a list of physical drives that have been or currently...
rxProgressRxODE progress bar functions
rxRateDurCreates a rxRateDur object
rxReloadReload RxODE DLL
rxReqRequire namespace, otherwise throw error.
rxSetIni0Set Initial conditions to time zero instead of the first...
rxSetProdChoose the type of product to use in RxODE. These are used...
rxSetProgressBarSet timing for progress bar
rxSetSumChoose the type of sums to use for RxODE.
rxSetupIniSetup the initial conditions.
rxSetupScaleSetup the initial conditions.
rxShinyUse Shiny to help develop an RxODE model
rxSimThetaOmegaSimulate Parameters from a Theta/Omega specification
rxSolveSolving & Simulation of a ODE/solved system (and solving...
rxSolveFreeFree the C solving/parsing information.
rxSplitLinesSplit line into multiple lines at + or - breaks
rxSplitPlusQThis function splits a function based on + or - terms
rxStackStack a solved object for things like ggplot
rxStateState variables
rxSumProdModelRecast model in terms of sum/prod
rxSymInvCholGet Omega^-1 and derivatives
rxSymInvCholCreateCreates an object for calculating Omega/Omega^-1 and...
rxSymInvCholNReturn the dimension of the built-in derivatives/inverses
rxSymPyExecute sympy statement.
rxSymPyCleanRemove variables created by RxODE from the SymPy environment.
rxSymPyClearDelete variable if exists.
rxSymPyDfDyCalculate df/dy derivatives
rxSymPyExecExecute Python statement without getting the return value.
rxSymPyExistsDoes the variable exist in the SymPy Python environment?
rxSymPyExpandReturn the expanded expression (via SymPy)
rxSymPyFixFix SymPy expressions to be R parsable expressions
rxSymPyFunctionsSetup SymPy functions
rxSymPyLincmtDvdxThis creates the dv/dx RxODE model for a linear solved system
rxSymPyReservedReturn a list of reserved functions and variables from sympy
rxSymPySensitivityCalculate the sensitivity equations for a model
rxSymPySetupSetup a SymPy environment that sets up the specified RxODE...
rxSymPySetupIfSetup SymPy environment if needed
rxSymPySetupPredSetup Pred function based on RxODE object.
rxSymPyStartStart SymPy
rxSymPyVarsSetup SymPy variables
rxSymPyVersionReturn the version of SymPy that is running
rxSyncOptionsSync options with RxODE variables
rxSyPyAddVarsAdd undefined variables to SymPy
rxTempDirGet the RxODE temporary directory
rxToSymPyConverts model specification to/from a SymPy language
rxTransTranslate the model to C code if needed
rxUnloadAllUnload all RxODE Dlls that are not locked for solving.
rxUseUse model object in your package
rxUseRadixSortUse Radix Sort when possible
rxValidateValidate RxODE
rxVersionVersion and repository for this dparser package.
rxWinPythonSetupSetup Python and SymPy for windows
rxWinSetupSetup Windows components for RxODE
summary.rxDllSummary of rxDll object
summary.RxODEPrint expanded information about the RxODE object.
tibbletype_sum function for units
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