Man pages for paulklemm/mygo
Create Report for mus musculus dataset of GO-term analysis using clusterProfiler

add_is_duplicatedCheck if rowname is duplicated and add binary is_duplicated...
attach_gene_symbol_from_entrezAdd Gene Symbol from EntrezID
createHTMLReportMake GO-Term analysis and print out Report
emap_plotCreate clusterProfiler EMA plot from go term
ensembl_to_entrezGets Entrez IDs and add it to dat
export_go_terms_to_excelExport list of GO terms to Excel file TODO: Redo this!
get_go_all_ontologiesGet GO-terms for all ontologies
get_gse_all_ontologiesGet GSE-terms for all ontologies
get_keggGet KEGG GSE terms
get_named_fc_vectorGet named fc vector. Prepare input data as required by GSE
perform_enrichGOPerform a clusterPrfiler enrichGO analysis
perform_gseGOPerform a clusterProfiler gseGO analysis
perform_gseKEGGPerform a clusterProfiler gseKEGG analysis
plot_all_ontologiesPrint a couple of standard plots for provided GO ontologies
plot_terms_goPrint a series of clusterProfiler plots
plot_terms_gsePlot GSE terms
simplify_ontologiesSimplify GO terms
volcano_plotReturn a volcano plot with annotated top_n values
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