Man pages for pbs-assess/gfsynopsis
Data Synopsis Reports for PBS Groundfish

fit_cpue_indicesFit commercial catch per unit effort standardization models
fit_sdmTMB_westcoastFit a geostatistical index standardization model to survey...
fit_survey_mapsFit geostatistical survey models and make maps
format_final_year_for_map_iphcFormat the final year of IPHC data to use in the spatial map
fourth_root_power_transFourth root power transformation
get_dataGet all data (includes some IPHC data that will get...
get_data_iphcGet the IPHC data for all years, should get merged into...
get_data_iphc_hook_with_baitGet the IPHC data for all years for hooks with bait (for hook...
get_spp_namesGet spp. names
gfsynopsisgfsynopsis package
gg_color_hueggplot2-like colour scale in HCL space
make_pagesMake synopsis pages
pipePipe operator
plot_catchesPlot catches
plot_cpue_indicesPlot CPUE indices
plot_cpue_spaghettiPlot locality specific estimates from a CPUE standardization...
plot_survey_mapsPlot survey maps
rougheye_splitSplit rougheye species name
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