Man pages for phylotastic/rphylotastic
R interface to phylotastic web services

CompareTreesCompare two phylogenetic trees
GetBaseURLGet Phylotastic base URL return The URL for the phylotastic...
GetCountrySpeciesFromTaxonGet all species filtered by country from a taxon
GetGenomeSpeciesFromTaxonGet all species that have genome sequence in NCBI from a...
GetImageDataSpeciesGet image metadata of a list of species
GetInfoSpeciesGet information of a list of species
GetListServerURLReturn Species List server URL
GetListSpeciesGet existing list/lists of species
GetOToLTreeGet OToL induced subtree
GetPhylomaticTreeGet phylomatic subtree
GetScientificNamesFromTextFunction to pull scientific names from text
GetScientificNamesFromURLFunction to pull scientific names from web pages
GetSpeciesFromTaxonGet all species from a taxon
GetTaxonomicTreeGet taxonomic tree from the NCBI
InsertListSpeciesInsert list of species
RemoveListSpeciesRemove an existing list of species
ReplaceListSpeciesReplace a list of species
ResolveNamesWithGNRResolve Scientific Names with GNR TNRS
ResolveNamesWithOToLResolve Scientific Names with Open Tree TNRS
SeparateDarkTaxaGenbankSeparate dark from known taxa on another database
SeparateDarkTaxaOToLSeparate dark from known taxa on OpenTree of Life
UpdateListSpeciesUpdate metadata of a list of species
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