Man pages for pneuvial/c3co
Cancer Cell Clonality using Copy-number

buildSubclonesBuild several subclones
c3coCancer subclone Inference function
c3coFit-class@title Class for the object create by 'c3coFit' function...
createZdfThe method createZdf
FacetswrapperFunction to transform Facets data, perfom the segmentation...
getWeightMatrixGenerate weight matrix
heatmap.3Heatmap function
loadFacetsdataFunction to load Facets data and transform them to c3co...
loadPSCBSdataFunction to load PSCBS data and transform them to c3co format
mixSubclonesCreate a mixture of subclones
posFused-class@title Class for the object return by 'positiveFusedLasso'...
positive.fusedPositive fused lasso function
PSCBSwrapperFunction to transform PSCBS data, perfom the segmentation and...
pvePlotFunction to plot PVE
segmentDataSegmentation function
showC3coFitThe method showC3coFit
showPosFusedThe method showPosFused
WplotThe method Wplot. * Wplot(this)this is an object from class...
ZplotFunction to plot Latent profiles
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