Man pages for pranithavangala/SeqGL_pv
Group lasso for Dnase/ChIP-seq data

build.train.test.dataFunction to extract sequences and build feature matrices
cluster.error.changesHierichal clustering of group error changes scores for each group and example group membership of groups based on predictive power
determine.peak.scoresGroup scores for each group and example
extract.high.scoring.locationsFunction to extract high scoring regions for a particular...
get.seqsGet sequences for genomic reanges
group.lassoFunction to run group lasso with the specified parameters
group.lasso.eval.parametersGroup lasso cross validation
group.motifsFunction for finding motifs associate with each group
logistic.errorsFunction to determine logistic residuals score distribution
run.clusteringHierarchical clustering of features group lasso for peaks
run.seqglSeqGL pipeline
run.seqgl.wrapperWrapper for running Seqgl. to select top features
setup.matlabsetup.matlab. Start matlab server
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