Man pages for protViz/bibliospec
Reading and Analyzing Mass Spectrometric Search Results

aaMassesFuntest dummy
AminoAcidsData frame with amino acid masses
Annotate_annotateSpectrumannotate spectrum
Annotate-classA list with functions usefull for annotating peptide...
Annotate_isModificationcompute which fragments carry modification
applyRTCalibrationModelsApply Calibration models
Bibliospec_annotateDBAnnotate naked peptide seqeuences with protein IDs using...
Bibliospec_annotatePeaksWithFragmentsAnnotate the MS2 with fragment ion inforamtion, creates a new...
Bibliospec_annotatePrecursorsannotate precursors
Bibliospec-classR access to Bibliospec File
Bibliospec_getAnnotationListsget peptide anntotation list
Bibliospec_getScoreForPSMCompute FDR and add it to RefSpectra Table
Bibliospec_getSpectraMetaWithAnnotationget spectra table annotated with razor proteins
Blib-classBlib class for generating blib files from dat and other id...
CiRTpeptidesData frame with CiRTpeptides
getCalibrationModelsRTGet Calibration models for spectrum
getTOPhitFor each precursor select top PSM
iRTpeptidesData frame with iRTpeptides
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