Man pages for r-spatial/spdep
Spatial Dependence: Weighting Schemes, Statistics

aggregate.nbAggregate a spatial neighbours object
airdistMeasure distance from plot
autocov_distDistance-weighted autocovariate
bhicvData set with 4 life condition indices of Belo Horizonte...
cardCardinalities for neighbours lists
cell2nbGenerate neighbours list for grid cells
choynowskiChoynowski probability map values
COL.OLDColumbus OH spatial analysis data set - old numbering
columbusColumbus OH spatial analysis data set
componDepth First Search on Neighbor Lists
diffnbDifferences between neighbours lists
dnearneighNeighbourhood contiguity by distance
droplinksDrop links in a neighbours list
EBestGlobal Empirical Bayes estimator
EBImoran.mcPermutation test for empirical Bayes index
EBlocalLocal Empirical Bayes estimator
edit.nbInteractive editing of neighbours lists
eireEire data sets
gearyCompute Geary's C
geary.mcPermutation test for Geary's C statistic
geary.testGeary's C test for spatial autocorrelation
globalG.testGlobal G test for spatial autocorrelation
graphneighGraph based spatial weights
grid2nbConstruct neighbours for a GridTopology
hotspotmapCluster classifications for local indicators of spatial...
include.selfInclude self in neighbours list
joincount.mcPermutation test for same colour join count statistics
joincount.multiBB, BW and Jtot join count statistic for k-coloured factors
joincount.testBB join count statistic for k-coloured factors
knearneighK nearest neighbours for spatial weights
knn2nbNeighbours list from knn object
lag.listwSpatial lag of a numeric vector
leeCompute Lee's statistic
lee.mcPermutation test for Lee's L statistic
lee.testLee's L test for spatial autocorrelation
listw2snSpatial neighbour sparse representation
lm.morantestMoran's I test for residual spatial autocorrelation
lm.morantest.exactExact global Moran's I test
lm.morantest.sadSaddlepoint approximation of global Moran's I test
lm.RStestsRao's score (a.k.a Lagrange Multiplier) diagnostics for...
localCCompute Local Geary statistic
localGG and Gstar local spatial statistics
localGSA local hotspot statistic for analysing multiscale datasets
local_joincount_bvCalculate the local bivariate join count
local_joincount_uniCalculate the local univariate join count
localmoranLocal Moran's I statistic
localmoran_bvCompute the Local Bivariate Moran's I Statistic
localmoran.exactExact local Moran's Ii tests
localmoran.sadSaddlepoint approximation of local Moran's Ii tests
LOSHLocal spatial heteroscedasticity
LOSH.csChi-square based test for local spatial heteroscedasticity
LOSH.mcBootstrapping-based test for local spatial heteroscedasticity
mat2listwConvert a square spatial weights matrix to a weights list...
moranCompute Moran's I
moran_bvCompute the Global Bivariate Moran's I
moran.mcPermutation test for Moran's I statistic
moran.plotMoran scatterplot
moran.testMoran's I test for spatial autocorrelation
mstreeFind the minimal spanning tree
nb2blocknbBlock up neighbour list for location-less observations
nb2INLAOutput spatial neighbours for INLA
nb2linesUse vector files for import and export of weights
nb2listwSpatial weights for neighbours lists
nb2listwdistDistance-based spatial weights for neighbours lists
nb2matSpatial weights matrices for neighbours lists
nb2WBOutput spatial weights for WinBUGS
nbcostsCompute cost of edges
nbdistsSpatial link distance measures
nblagHigher order neighbours lists
nboperationsSet operations on neighborhood objects
p.adjustSPAdjust local association measures' p-values
plot.mstPlot the Minimum Spanning Tree
plot.nbPlot a neighbours list
plot.skaterPlot the object of skater class
poly2nbConstruct neighbours list from polygon list
probmapProbability mapping for rates
prunecostCompute cost of prune each edge
prunemstPrune a Minimun Spanning Tree
read.galRead a GAL lattice file into a neighbours list
read.gwt2nbRead and write spatial neighbour files
rotationRotate a set of point by a certain angle
SD.RStestsRao's score and adjusted Rao's score tests of linear...
set.mcOptionOptions for parallel support
set.spChkOptionControl checking of spatial object IDs
skaterSpatial 'K'luster Analysis by Tree Edge Removal
sp.correlogramSpatial correlogram
spdepReturn package version number
spdep-defunctDefunct Functions in Package 'spdep'
sp.mantel.mcMantel-Hubert spatial general cross product statistic
spweights.constantsProvides constants for spatial weights matrices
sswCompute the sum of dissimilarity
subset.listwSubset a spatial weights list
subset.nbSubset a neighbours list
summary.nbPrint and summary function for neighbours and weights lists
testnbTest a neighbours list for symmetry
tolerance.nbFunction to construct edges based on a tolerance angle and a...
tri2nbNeighbours list from tri object
write.nb.galWrite a neighbours list as a GAL lattice file
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