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Interactive editing of neighbours lists


The function provides simple interactive editing of neighbours lists to allow unneeded links to be deleted, and missing links to be inserted. It uses identify to pick the endpoints of the link to be deleted or added, and asks for confirmation before committing. If the result is not assigned to a new object, the editing will be lost - as in edit.

This method relies on direct contact with the graphics device. Do not use in RStudio.


## S3 method for class 'nb'
edit(name, coords, polys=NULL, ..., use_region.id=FALSE)



an object of class nb


matrix of region point coordinates; if missing and polys= inherits from SpatialPolygons, the label points of that object are used


if polygon boundaries supplied, will be used as background; must inherit from SpatialPolygons


further arguments passed to or from other methods


default FALSE, in identify use 1-based observation numbers, otherwise use the nb region.id attribute values


The function returns an object of class nb with the edited list of integer vectors containing neighbour region number ids, with added attributes tallying the added and deleted links.


Roger Bivand Roger.Bivand@nhh.no

See Also

summary.nb, plot.nb


## Not run: 
columbus <- st_read(system.file("shapes/columbus.shp", package="spData")[1], quiet=TRUE)
if (FALSE) nnb1 <- edit.nb(col.gal.nb, polys=as(columbus, "Spatial"))

## End(Not run)

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