get_colonizers: Get Colonizations and Extinctions

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Identify species colonizing, going extinct, and persisting between years





An input data.table with columns spp, year, stratum, haulid, depth, lon, lat (may have others, but they aren't used)


A list of length 5:

col_dt colonization events for each year-stratum-species.
col_ext_dt colonization (1), extinction (-1), or no change for each species-year
n_cep the number of colonizations, extinctions, or no-change events in the whole region for each year
n_spp_col_weighted appropriate aggregation of the column by this name in col_dt
n_spp_col_weighted_tot like n_spp_col_weighted, but summed up across years (and divided by yrs_sampled)

Note that for each element with "col" in its name, there is an extinction counterpart; i.e., ext_dt, n_spp_ext_weighted, n_spp_ext_weighted_tot.

The columns in col_dt (or ext_dt for extinction equivalent) are:

col_logic logical indicating year-stratum-spp colonization (name is still col_logic in ext_dt)
n_spp_col number of species that colonized a stratum in a year
n_strat_col number of strata colonized by this specie sin this year
n_spp_col_weighted Like n_strat_col, but divided by n_strat_col (e.g. if a species colonizes 5 strata, it only contributes 0.2 to each stratum).
yrs_sampled The number of years a stratum was sampled.

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