comm_master: Master Community-Level Data

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Master data set for community level metrics related to beta diversity, species richness, environmental values, and cross-species averages of MSOM parameters






Many of the columns in this data set are cross-species averages of columns by the same (or similar) name in spp_master.

reg character region name
year integer year
method character method for standardization for beta diversity calculation (see beta_div_quick)
beta_div_mu numeric for each posterior iteration from MSOM Z, beta diversity is calculated; this is the average of those posterior calculations
beta_div_sd numeric standard deviation of posterior beta diversity
Omega numeric posterior average of the MSOM Omega parameter
reg_rich numeric posterior average of MSOM richness estimate
n_col integer number of observed colonizers this year (see get_colonizers)
n_ext integer number of species that were observed this year, but will not be observed next year (see get_colonizers)
n_pers integer number of species present this year that are also present in adjacent sampling years (i.e., = richness - (n_col+n_ext)) (see get_colonizers)
bt_ann numeric cross-stratum average bottom temperature for current year (same as in spp_master)
naive_rich numeric observed species richness
bt_opt_avg, bt_tol_avg, detect_mu_avg, detect_mu numeric cross-species average of column by same name in spp_master
propStrata_avg numeric cross species average of propStrata in spp_master

See Also

spp_master, mapDat

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